Special Double Max Meetings are every Fifth Thursday

All Speakers are invited to our Super Speech-A-Thons

The new Toastmaster year is well in progress!  COAT can help your club get their more difficult educational awards.  We are the only club in the Eastern, Central, and Hillside Divisions where you can give your advanced 20 or 30 minute speeches.  All Clubs need CC’s, CL’s, AC’s and DTM’s and speakers need extra stage time, stage time, and more stage time.  We have it!  Join our special Double Max Meeing which is a double meeting with each one being one and a half hours, one meeting after another.  All are Welcome!  

Location: Kingsdale MCL Cafeteria 

Dinner lines are often slow so please arrive

30/40 mins before your meeting.

Meeting Times

1st 6:00pm – 7:20pm

2nd 7:30pm – 8:50pm

The party room is reserved.

The restaurant closes at 9:00pm.

Cost: Attendees need to at least buy a drink.

First Come, First Served

To be a Speaker, Get on the Agenda, Reserve Your Place Soonest

Need one more CL project?

Please Contact

 Harold Thomas,  VP of Ed


(614) 755-9419


Ross Bagby, President

president-4915@toastmastersclubs.org (cut and paste)


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